Origin of the Theory



This theory emerged from a unique collaboration between the biologist Dr Vanessa Hill and the quantum physicist Dr Peter Rowlands (and prior work with R. Diaz). Together, they have discovered and developed an exciting new theory that gives great insight into the actual underlying process of the universe.

The work has already allowed an understanding of the fundamental aspects of physics and biology and is thought to be applicable to all aspects of nature, science, art and society. The application of geometry has assisted many of the new insights and also makes the work visually appealing and accessible to a wider audience.


"Vanessa, your talk to me, was like an orchestra that is playing music that is beautiful!
You must get this out there as fast as possible"

Professor Clive Kilmister  King's College, University of London


An important element of the work is the discovery of what we call a Universal Rewrite System  This is a very abstract way of generating the creation of something from a state of absolute nothingness and is actually similar to the famous Fibonacci sequence and its associated Golden Section proportion which is so important in Nature's growth patterns.

The application of geometry has also been a major key to the discoveries with the added advantage that this new Universal Rewrite System can be understood using pictures that describe exactly, the algebra and thus the new knowledge becomes accessible to the general public in a visually attractive and stimulating manner. These descriptions have led to a full geometric representation of the process involved in the creation of the fundamental particles of matter and the fundamental aspects of DNA. The excitement generated by this theory is because it has revealed that the underlying process for both quantum mechanics, based upon the Dirac Equation and DNA structure and its expression appears to be identical. Many have been struck by the simple beauty of the theory when presented in this visual way.

It is known that Biological Systems, though operating at the edge of chaos, are extremely ordered, whereas the tendency for nature is to become more disordered. Biology is, in effect, a race between order and disorder with the odds stacked in favour of chaos. Somehow, biological systems must create order, i.e. process information, with as much efficiency as possible. The new theory has uncovered how this information is processed with optimal efficiency.


"This is Nature's Code and it applies to everything in the Universe - from the infinitesimally small to the infinitely large-
it is the key to unlocking the inner workings of the Universe itself."

Dr Vanessa Hill and Dr Peter Rowlands


It quickly became apparent that this new theory may be applicable to all faculties of science and that in fact, it relates to a re-iterated process for everything within our universe i.e. it is the key to unlocking the workings of the universe itself. The system has a fractal structure in that it shows the same form at all levels. You can begin at any point in the hierarchy and it will look the same and shows that the code for the whole of nature is holistic.

To describe what is happening to any part of the system, we must describe what is happening in the rest of the universe as well. We only comprehend the part by connecting it instantly to the whole. This is Nature's code and applies to everything within the Universe - from the very small to the very large An example of this re-iteration is the way fermions (fundamental quantum particles) spin with their partners in a double helical fashion, DNA is composed of a double helix and a recently discovered nebula near the center of the Milky Way is also a double helix ! (Nature, March 2006)



Other aspects appear when the geometry introduces the Golden Section proportion or Phi, so important within growth patterns of plants and animals. Popular Renaissance works of art applied proportions governed by the Golden Section give support to the idea that the mind finds certain proportions particularly pleasing. In ancient Chinese and Indian musical systems, importance is also placed upon the 64, 60, 20 divisions and the spiral of 5ths that conforms to the new process discovered.

The double helical spiral forms as a consequence of breaking the symmetry from an 8 fold (the equivalent of the musical octave) to a 5 fold one (the equivalent of the musical spiral of 5ths). Certain musical works by Bach and Bartok are mathematically derived from such principles. Plato and Pythagoras understood the importance of the right type of music in the structuring of healthy societies via the ears and minds of its people. Art and architecture that conform to similar principles would obviously have similar beneficial affects.


"The latest paper of Rowlands & Hill is revolutionary in its unfoldment of the platonic solids from a unitary whole (rewrite system) and in showing their implementation in the basic underpinnings of genetics."

Professor Stein Johansen: Trondheim University


Recently,  Nature's Code theory has been offering fundamental philosophical ideas regarding the creation of the Universe and its purpose. This wonderful process design described by Nature's Code, appears to imply that its purpose is to realize, from a state of wholeness, parts that via evolution, increasingly reach higher and higher states of consciousness. These conscious states then allow fuller and deeper states of observation of itself ie of the Universe itself. One is left with the view that we are conscious to observe the universe itself, of which we are an integral part (a fractal part).

This concept, if proven, would be most profound and have far reaching affects upon us all.  As a consequence,  it is believed that the work will have a great impact upon society and global thinking as a whole and can perhaps, shed our society of the - selfish gene 'or - man as a biochemical machine' attitude and into a more comprehensive view of collective collaboration, so important in our present time.


"The work that Vanessa Hill and Peter Rowlands are engaged in is, as far as I am aware, totally new and unique.
Should this concept be proven valid, and provide a new way to understand biological systems,
the implications would be profound and far-reaching."

Dr M A Houlden, Reader in Physics, University of Liverpool