Projects and Applications



The Nature's Code Theory is considered to be important because it deals with fundamental questions in nature using novel universal principles that appear to have a wide relevance


Potential applications that the Foundation expects to realise


4 Bases of DNA

4 Bases of DNA


Although we have shown this process to be the same in biology and physics we think that it is applicable to everything if it is indeed Natures code and now want to investigate its workings within other fields including the other sciences, the arts, music, colour and form, architecture and even institution/business structure. We believe this will give us a greater understanding of our world and ourselves and also reveal totally new discoveries within medicine, clean energy production and the arts, creating new ways of realising aesthetics.


Natures Code Foundation - The Natures Code Projection Film Project 

With the more complete picture of Natures process to hand, we intend to develop a pure form of musical structure and application of colour, form and movement that aligns with the process of the Universe with a group of talented artists, architects, musicians and dancers . This work is already underway. Presentation to the general public in a 'projection' upon a dome film experience will allow the full realisation and understanding of this new theory through experiencing this process via the 5 human senses.



Pictures inspired by our UniPhi meeting in Godalming, Surrey 2008 by Professor John Hyatt (MMU))


Other Projects

Specific members of the team have a number of technologies of considerable commercial value that are ready for commercial development. Many of these have already been granted full patent status, patent pending or are in draft form. More information can be given upon request via the 'contact us' link.