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The Theory (under construction)

Nature's Code is an exciting new emerging theory of the underlying process of the universe described using the visual language of geometry.

At first sight the universe seems an incredibly complicated place, but scientists have long suspected that the apparent complexity arises from much simpler underlying patterns and symmetries, some of which are universal in their applications.

The question is: what are these simpler structures from which the more complicated ones seem to grow, and is their some single universal pattern governing the whole thing? Our belief is that there is indeed such a pattern, and it is the one that we call Nature's Code. It begins with absolute nothingness, and, from what we describe as a universal rewrite system, spontaneously generates an endless series of fractal-like structures, each creating a new level of complexity. The universal rewrite system requires a total nothingness at all times, which means that all the structures are dual, and so symmetric, for example in the way that +1 and -1 are dual and symmetric in combining to a zero totality, while not being zero themselves. A second requirement, that all the structures are similar but individual, means that every other structure in the series has the special property (anticommutativity) that generates 3-dimensional space. Although these structures can be described in many ways, they are most readily seen using the using the visual language of geometry.

The series of structures produced by the rewrite system immediately leads to the creation of the numbers 1, 2, 3, ... as a unique series, and from these to the whole of mathematics, including algebra arithmetic and geometry. In effect, using the rewrite system, we can generate the whole of mathematics from nothing, without assuming, in the first place, that it must exist, and the simpler mathematics generates the more complex. However, mathematics is abstract; it only uses part of the sequence at any time and doesn't describe Nature directly. What the Code tells us is that there is a way of using the entire sequence at once when we have reached a particular stage in the process. In effect, as the geometry will show, the sequence repeats itself in character after the sixth stage, and this allows us effectively to find universal descriptions of Nature using only the first six stages. Our investigations show that Nature's own mode of operation seems to recreate this pattern at every level of complexity.

In physics we see the code operating to create the successive physical parameters, mass (M), time (T), charge (C) and space (S). These are the first four levels in the sequence, and each represents a way of describing the entire universe, but with increasing complexity as the sequence progresses. To combine all four, as independent information, in what becomes quantum mechanics, we require the sixth level. The duality at each stage means that we require 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 or 64 units of information at this level. 64 is a significant number in relativistic quantum mechanics “the number of units in the algebra of the most important equation in quantum physics, the Dirac equation. It is also a significant number, at a higher organisational level, in the genetic code, where there are 64 triplet codons that make up the 'reading' code of DNA. Again, there are four fundamental units which are the starting points of the sequence“ the four organic bases, cytosine (C), thymine (T), guanine (G), and adenine (A), from which the codons are constructed and through which genetic sequences are characterised.









In studying the code at different levels “and we have evidence that it applies in many other systems that can be described as self-organising, including such diverse things as galaxies and the human brain“ we have found many characteristic features which appear to apply at all levels. One is that such systems appear to be self-dual with their environments. This emerges from the initial zero totality. This means that the environment in some way acts as a mirror image of the system and a system can only maintain self-organisation if it is constructed in this way. Another is that a significant part of the process requires a ˜breaking of symmetry where a symmetric 8-fold state flips to an asymmetric 5-fold one. This is especially evident in particle physics and genetics. One particular result in genetics is the construction from just 20 building blocks of the proteins that make up everything within our bodies. The breaking of symmetry in this particular way also results in the formation of double helices in Nature. Particularly important examples are the double helical spin of the fundamental particles of physics of course the characteristic double helix of DNA; each of these also has a specific direction of turn or chirality.






We believe we have gone a long way towards showing that the process we have identified as ˜Nature's code acts in the same way in significant aspects of biology and physics“ and not only in those that we have highlighted. If it is indeed Nature's code, then it should have even wider application, for example, in the other sciences, the arts, music, colour and form, architecture and even institution / business structure. If this is so, then a deeper and more extensive investigation into this process should give us a greater understanding of our world and ourselves and also reveal totally new discoveries within medicine, clean energy production and the arts, creating new ways of realising aesthetics. The possibilities, both for the study of pure knowledge and for its application, seem to be unlimited.