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Welcome  to  the  Publications  page, this  page  has  two  purposes. Firstly   it  provides  a  list  of  the  scientific  papers, articles and books  which  members  of  the  team  have  published, thereby  providing  NCF  members with  readily accessible sources of information. Secondly  if  members  feel  they  have  written or published  articles  which  are relevant  to  the  NCF  then  such  articles, if  approved  by  the  Team, can  also  be  referenced  on  this  page. You may submit  articles  as email attachments  via  the Contact  Us page.





Nature’s Code A New Emerging Theory Developed By Dr Vanessa Hill and Dr Peter Rowlands. A précis by Dr Vanessa Hill (2007).view

Labour can only contemplate hanivg a role anywhere, let alone at European level, when it gets its own policies right. But this is, in my opinion, not far off. New Labour in government did many things very well including many big things, but got a few things wrong – problem is they were both biggies, i.e. Iraq/Bush and tax/wealth inequality. Both the latter can be put right and noises from the leadership campaign so far are encouraging, though it is early days yet.There are two real lessons since 1997, so much more obvious since 2008. First, this is the end of Anglo-Saxon capitalism. It has failed. It did produce some growth, but only because politicians (including Labour unfortunately) connived in the creation of bubbles – indebtedness masquerading as wealth. Second, it’s a red herring to talk about the role of government being “big” or “small”, as the Tories like to. What’s important is that government plays the right role. And we know clearly that this role must include strong but open and fair regulation, as well as significant intervention where the market simply does not work, especially large scale investment in public services and infrastructure. Government needs to re-assert itself and push out the market where the market has no place. The market is about pecuniary relationships, and that is fine as far as it goes and is the best way we know to create wealth. But government is, or should be, about human relationships, how to use and distribute that wealth. When government forgets this and tries to act like any other market player that’s when the problems start.The European Left should unite around this, and on the whole I think it is doing so. The current move to the right in Europe is temporary, part of the inevitable cycle, not the end of everything. I can already see the tide turning. If there was an election in Denmark tomorrow, the left would win hands down. Similar signs in France and Germany as well.The European project has been successful in so many areas already, and will continue to succeed, if only because there is too much political capital invested in it. It’s also like democracy – a terrible system, but the problem is all the others are much worse. Yes, there is poverty in Europe, but how much worse would that be without the EU, which, although clumsy and slow (democracy is clumsy and slow!) is a better regulatory regime than we’ve ever had internationally. The world, whether we like it or not is moving towards more and more cooperation and interdependence (economic, social, political). Can you really imagine a single member state leaving the EU and trying to stand alone? (Perhaps Germany which might be able to stand alone for a bit, plus Tory nutters in the UK?). Iceland, Croatia, and still Turkey are trying to get in.We need to go back to managed capitalism, what we use to call a mixed economy – we know this works full employment policies, strong trade unions,, capital controls, but also strong support for entrepreneurship and economic efficiency. Of course, this now needs also to be green, In all these areas, we should not be ideological, dogmatic or tribal, but must focus on what works. I am Labour because history and common sense (not ideology) show me that Labour has the best values and policies to ensure government has the role that makes things work ordinary people in the long term. The only thing I like about the Con-Dem coalition is that they are working together – trouble is on the wrong policies, but that will soon become apparent.Labour cannot send in a task force to tell sister parties elsewhere in Europe what to do – that is the opposite of democracy. But is can listen, tell, support and learn, including through formalised relationships when these are freely agreed. Yes, with benchmarks if all agree. An Estonian told me just the other day that the main problem with the Left in Eastern Europe is that it remains tribal (just like the old communist parties), with party loyalty rather than experience dictating what policies get rolled out, and too closed to any notion of openness and transparency. This is the real cause of corruption. Blair, bless his cotton socks, was right about the big tent and that we need new bold thinking. As long as our values are firm we should embrace that.Jeremy Millard (Denmark)I3yObV tmfaoppdhfhsI think “crisis” is a bit dramatic for what we’re describing here and I can’t help but wonder if it’s a way to make expected insecurity sound more important or significant, as though it’s a valid reason to complain that much more. But, then, maybe the same thing happened for mid-life crisis. I’ve heard a theory that life takes a turn around the age of 27: people get married/have kids, finish grad school, move, change jobs, whatever. So maybe it’s a confluence of any number of those factors that contributes to this phenomenon. I think what you’ve hit on, Zandria, in your last paragraph, is a nice description of contentment. 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Universal rewrite system and related topics

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