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Great scientific advances have always led to developments in human terms that exceed the
immediate results of the science.


Why create a new Research Foundation?

For example, the Scientific Revolution, culminating in the great synthesis of Isaac Newton, created a system for explaining the whole of physical nature on a universal scale, proved for the first time that we could actually do it - we could understand and change our world, by developing systems of reproducible knowledge.


Newtonianism was an enormously influential intellectual program during the 18th-century Enlightenment,
and arguably continues to be so to this day.'



People applied it to technology, philosophy, morals, economics, medicine, etc., as well as to physics. Whether all these applications were valid as their proponents thought is less important than the fact that, having for the first time, developed a universal system for understanding physical science, people thought that it was possible to develop universal systems for understanding everything else, and eventually they succeeded: technology and chemistry in the eighteenth century, evolutionary biology in the nineteenth, genetics and computer science in the twentieth century.

There has never since been a time when Newton was not considered either the greatest scientist who ever lived or one of a tiny handful of the greatest. His Principia (1687) marked the culmination of the scientific revolution, which ushered in modern science, and through its legacy the work may have done more to shape the modern world than any other ever published.


The Double Helix of DNA and Fermionic Spin              The Double Helix of DNA and Fermionic Spin

Breaking Symmetry; The Double Helix of DNA and Fermionic Spin


The reason why our work here is especially significant is that it is concerned with foundations. We don't just want to discover new science - although that is a laudable aim in itself - but to find a secure basis for scientific knowledge. We want to link up the separate programs associated with physics, chemistry, biology, the brain, consciousness, philosophy, mathematics, etc. including the arts and humanities - and create a total structure that will cut across all disciplines and bridge any supposed gap between the two cultures. We have now established a group that is showing that this looks like being really possible - polymathic, interdisciplinary, altruistic and cooperative. Our work is holistic in a fundamentally scientific way.

Many people have talked about holistic approaches, but usually without any secure scientific basis. Materialism (in the sense of a science of dead matter) is not the basis of our thinking. Getting things right from a fundamental philosophical and scientific point of view is essential also to getting secure moral bearings. For example, materialism (in the sense of matter theory) has undoubtedly had a massive part in promoting materialism (in the moral sense), to the detriment of our society. Nothing could be more damaging to society than the concept that every idea is as good as every other, that there is no intrinsic truth. Our work is aimed at finding out what those truths are.


It is with this in mind that we have decided to raise funding for a new research Foundation, Nature's Code Foundation (NCF). This Foundation will support the development of this exciting new theory and allow full realization of the medical and technological benefits already being hinted at. The NCF will also support research projects, specifically selected to improve conditions for those within the 3rd World, as their need at this present time, is greatest. It will also finance other new ideas and technologies for the betterment of all mankind.


Pentameric Protein

Dynamic Processes; Pentameric Protein


The following identified steps are those considered necessary for the realisation of
Natures Code Foundation:



Nature's Code Foundation and its Premises

We hope to raise/create enough finance to purchase a property that will provide a pleasant and inspiring working environment. The building will allow visiting collaborators to stay within the Foundation for focused workshops and brainstorming events to assist in the advancement of the work. This Foundation will be fully interdisciplinary, embracing  both  the  Sciences  and  the  Arts, indeed we have already realized the benefit of such collaborations with artists such as Professor John Hyatt,  Mr Marshall Lefferts and Ms Michaela French. (see Proposed Team). We will also include media experts to assist in the dissemination of the work to the general public in an inspiring and professional manner and develop an open access system.


Surface of Broken Symmetry State Geometry

Surface of Broken Symmetry State Geometry


Achievements to date:



The Universal Rewrite System in Geometry

The Universal Rewrite System in Geometry