Nature's Code


The mission of the Foundation is to advance the understanding of the inner workings
of our Universe being revealed by the new theory of Nature's Code and to
fully realise the benefits for humanity.

We strive to bring forth the new pending technologies in the arts, sciences
and sociology to produce new inventions, forms of medicine, energy production,
aesthetics and social well-being for the greater good of All.



During a unique collaboration between the Physicist Dr Peter Rowlands and the Biologist Dr Vanessa Hill a new theory was developed by making comparisons between fundamental concepts of quantum physics and the genetic code of DNA.

Remarkable similarities, hitherto unrealised, became obvious when these two scientists applied new ways of thinking. This theory appears to have relevance to every process within our Universe.

The new theory was presented at the Computing and Anticipatory Systems (CASYS)  academic international conference at Liege in 2007 and won a prestigious Best Paper  Award.



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